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Kalinga begins preparation for 29th founding anniversary, 5th Bodong Festival

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Kalinga Province is now preparing for its 29th Founding Anniversary and 5th Bodong Festival celebration, according to Provincial Human Resource Management Officer (PHRMO) Grace Kidang-Flores, Co-Chairperson of the Events Management Committee.

“We have actually discussed during our recent ManCom (Management Committee) meeting and we have already come up with activities, but we have yet to discuss the finalization of the timeline,” she told Station 1 Radio.

Flores said the same activities as last year shall be anticipated in the month-long celebration in February next year.

As early as December, she said the province is planning to conduct a screening of contestants for the Miss Kalinga pageant with additional twist: a Mr. Kalinga is set to be included in the pageant, transforming it into the “Search for Mr. and Ms. Kalinga 2024.”

The Bodong Funfair (Carnival) and the Bodong Bazaar (Dry Goods and Night Market) are set to open in January, just in time for the upcoming celebration.

The festival's Grand Kick-off Day is scheduled on the first Monday of February. It will commence with the "Ayag" (ringing of church bells), an ecumenical service, the official declaration of the celebration, a pageant presentation, and the opening of the Kalinga Treasures Fair. Concurrently, a Bodong Congress will convene. One of the day's highlights will be the turnover ceremony of the Banneng-Darulog Farm to Market Road in Tanudan Municipality.

The renowned invitational Lumin-awa Trek, named Lumin-awa Trek Adventure II, is set to take place at Mt. Binataran this time around.

Municipality Day will also be observed, featuring the opening of the Bodong Agro-Fair and the Pasil Slow Food and Earth Market. A cultural parade, showcasing participants from the city and municipalities with their cultural performers, will be a central event. Additionally, a "Bodong" activity is planned, followed by an evening Sponsored Concert. In the recent ManCom meeting, it was suggested that Sen. Robin Padilla and his wife, Ms. Mariel Padilla, be invited as the Guests of Honor and Speakers on the day’s event.

Another anticipated activity is the Schools’ Day, featuring the Bodong Festival Street Dance Parade and Showdown, along with a Secondary Schools Drum and Lyre Competition in the afternoon. A Bodong Job and Skills Fair shall also be set up. In the evening, the "Search for Mr. and Ms. Kalinga 2024" will coincide with the "Lumin-awa Concert."

On Kalinga's Anniversary Day, a Grand Civic Parade will mark the occasion, followed by the Diddiga di Tupayya and the Laga Fashion Show. The day will culminate with a Fireworks Display.

Additionally, a special day celebration will highlight Farmers, Cooperatives, Ethnolinguistic Groups, and Civil Society Organizations. This day will feature a parade showcasing traditional attire, dances, and songs. Following this, the afternoon will host the Elementary Drum and Lyre Competition, leading up to the "Amung" event—a night filled with music by Kalinga artists, offering a memorable experience for both LGUs and Balikbayans.

A Family Day extravaganza awaits, with Acrobatic and Magic Shows, and a Salo-Salo Together sponsored by the Provincial Officials and various fast-food establishments. As part of the Family Day, an "Open House" will welcome all to the Bodong Carnival, with complimentary entry for everyone. Flores mentioned that each working-committee member for this year’s celebration will receive a carnival stub for a free ride of their choice. During Family Day, Kalinga Coffee & Wines February Fest is likewise anticipated – a celebration featuring the province's finest coffee, wines, musical performances, and some delectable street foods. Additionally, a sponsored concert will grace the event once more.

To culminate Kalinga's Founding Anniversary, Governor James Edduba's "Lumin-awa Kalinga Blood Donation Drive" will take place, marking a meaningful conclusion to the 29th Kalinga Founding Anniversary.



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