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Kalinga PDL make Bamboo mugs as livelihood

Tabuk City, Kalinga – While, serving their sentence, several persons deprived of liberty (PDL) in the province are spending time to make bamboo mugs designed with rattan as a livelihood project to earn and for some to help their families.

The mugs which are sold for only P150.00 are specially made for those who love steaming coffee. Unlike ceramic and tin mugs, bamboo mugs are safer and more convenient to hold for it allows you to hold your cup without getting burned by the heat radiating from the freshly brewed liquid.

“Parang native cup, indigenous ‘yung dating niya. Pwede mong lagyan ng kape. ‘Yun din ang ginagamit ng iba dito sa amin. Ako nga din may ganun, ‘yun din ang ginagamit ko, ‘yung bamboo talaga kasi maganda siya, hindi masyadong mainit kapag nilagyan mo ng kape, tamang tama lang ‘yung init niya,” Tabuk District Jail Warden SINSP John Wayland Lapon, relates his experience using the mug.

How the project started

SINSP Lapon said the project started in February, an idea that surfaced while the PDL are working on their dragon fruit garden.

“Idi nalpas, adda nasobra a dagitoy ni bamboo tapos kuna iti kakadwa kasla mayat nga aramiden a mug, simple mug lang ah diay awan iti design na pay, kasla pagin-inuman lang a kasdiay,” he narrated.

However, the idea turned into a brighter one when one of the inmates suggested that he could adorn it with a rattan. They entertained the suggestion and the sample products were posted online which instantly drew the attention of the public.

With this, they ordered more bamboos and rattan for production. Meanwhile, as to the process of making the mugs, the District Jail Warden said they have to dry the bamboo first which takes 2 weeks and that if an inmate is fast, he can produce 10 mugs in a day.

As for the source of raw materials, Lapon said that they do not have any problem with the bamboo as there are many sources in the city, but find it challenging to secure the rattan since it is a bit costly and supply is limited.

“Okay lang ‘yung bamboo dahil marami ang bamboo dito sa Tabuk, nakakamura rin kami pero pagdating sa rattan, dun kami namamahalan at nahihirapan kami sa pagkuha kung saan kami kukuha,” he said.

Buying is a way to help the PDL

To help the inmates, Lapon is encouraging the public to patronize their products, since a bigger market would not only provide temporary employment for the PDL, but also an opportunity to help their families at home.

“Daytoy provided iti office daytoy [materials], awan iti gastos da. Iti ikasta da lang agaramid da then after magatang, sa dan tu makaala iti labor da,” Lapon said.

“Maysa program gamin daytoy a habang adda da pay lang kuma ditoy uneg at least makatulong da iti pamilya da idiay outside kuma through daytoy livelihood programs,” he added.

Should you wish to order, message the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in the province on their Facebook account, Tabuk DJail Kalinga.

Meantime, other livelihood projects and activities for PDLs in the province are slowly opening after they were stopped for the past months due to the pandemic.



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