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2 armed men robbed business establishment in Tabuk City

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Two men were arrested after robbing a business establishment in Dagupan Centro Wednesday night in this city.

Police identified the suspects as a certain Manuel Tolentino, 24, and Jim Jim Garcia, 20.

Case investigator PSSg. Renalyn Layugan relates that according to the victims, the suspects went to Sandi-uy and asked one of the victims, who was sweeping the floor, if they are selling cigarettes, while his companion went to the cashier.

The two suddenly declared a ‘hold-up’, demanding of their collection.

“Isunga gapu iti fear, intudo na diay ayan iti collection da. Inala da diay collection a more or less P2,000,” she said.

Layugan added that one of the suspects tried to get the cell phones of the two victims, but his companion told him that they should go.

The victims immediately reported to the police but the suspects already left when the operatives arrived. After the inquiry and after viewing the CCTV footage, the police conducted a hot pursuit operation and found the suspects in Casigayan.

Seeing the police, the two tried to escape. The police also noted a firearm visibly being carried by one of the suspects.

“Idi nakita dagitoy duwa, bigla da a timmaray ngem siyempre apay a tumaray da, then napan met iti kadwa kinamat isuda and then that’s the time na diay maysa a suspect adda makikita nga adda iti sukbit na a firearm,” she said.

The two were positively identified by the victims. With this, they were brought to the Tabuk City Police Station where a piece of Caliber 45 pistol ARMSCOR, a magazine with 7 live ammunitions, 7 pieces of P20 bills and a piece of P500 bill were confiscated from them.

The two will be charged for robbery with intimidation.



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