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88% of health workers in Tinglayan fully immunized with Covid-19 vaccine

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Tinglayan, Kalinga – Despite being hesitant at first to receive the vaccine, 88 percent of yTinglayans covered under the A1 priority list are now fully inoculated against Covid-19.

Out of the 292 targets, 169 health personnel have completed their doses, while 88 others await their second dose.

With the said result, Municipal Health Officer Aite Caren Liw-agan expressed gratitude to those who have been supporting the vaccination efforts of the health office to include the Tinglayan LGU, Department of Health, Provincial Health Office, and the health workers in Tinglayan.

"I would like to especially thank Dr. Reynaldo Aranca, Dr. Daisy Mae Wanna, Dr. Claireen Duguiang, Dr. Honey Mae Boacon, Dr. Marionette Agod for their assistance when we needed manpower. We couldn't have made it this far without them," she said.

As recalled, a master listing of priority individuals has been difficult during the vaccination roll-out orientation held on April 5, since only 20 health workers agreed to receive the vaccine considering that others are still having doubts about the vaccine's efficacy while some are scared as a result of rumors being posted on social media.

"There were many challenges, but it was expected because of this pandemic and the vaccine is something new which we've never encountered before. In the beginning, many were having a second thought, should they get vaccinated or not,” she said.

Mayor Sacrament Gumilab, Vice- Mayor Charlie Abay, Sangguniang Bayan Committee on Health Chairman Bartholome Aboli and Dr. Liw-agan even agreed to be the first ones to get the vaccine to help convince the people that the vaccine can be trusted and that there is nothing to fear.

Also, Gumilab has always been reiterating that “the government will not permit something that could bring harm to its own citizens” to further persuade people of getting the vaccine.

As underscored by Liw-agan, barangay health board meetings have played a big role in relieving the doubts of the people.

"Intensive IEC, going to the barangays is an added factor for them to finally accept the vaccine. Just watching the news and surfing social media platforms is not enough. We need to reach out to them to answer their questions,” she explained.

As of this writing, the municipality has already fully immunized 1077 individuals out of the 13,655 total target populations.

Tinglayan, as recalled, has to inoculate 9,500 individuals, which is 70 percent of its total population, to achieve “herd immunity.”


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