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Blacksmith facility producing traditional ‘Butbut’ cutting tools in Kalinga soon to do business

Tabuk City, Kalinga - The 30 members of the Sinalifufu Blacksmith Sustainable Livelihood Program Association in Sitio Pacak, Agbannawag Tabuk City had its “chumchum-og” or a thanksgiving ceremony for their 8 x 5 square meters blacksmith housing on Friday, December 4 2020.

Said building amounts to P238,760.00, part of the P691,350.00 check awarded to the organization on October 21, 2020 as they were chosen as beneficiaries of the Sustainable Livelihood Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Remaining amount is budgeted for tools and equipment, pre-engineering and administrative cost, raw materials, labor of workers and for the skills training which is to be conducted next week.

In an interview with Roy Layao, Project Development Officer of DSWD-Kalinga, he said beneficiaries are recipients and non-recipients of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps).

Non-recipients have to undergo interview first using the SLP Means Test. Passing this means of screening will qualify them to become recipients of the program. Qualified individuals are then tasked to form the organization.

As shared by the DSWD officer, members of the Sinalifufu Organization were the ones who chose the Blacksmith Microenterprise as their livelihood during the Social Preparation. Proposal was then made with the guidance of DSWD.

Jaime Adater, President of said association in an interview said they chose blacksmith as livelihood for them to revive the skills which were passed on to them by their ancestors. Butbut tribe is known in Kalinga for their quality blacksmith products.

Meaning of Sinalifufu

When asked regarding the name of the organization, he said that “sinalifufu” is a Tinglayan term that when translated in English is Milky way. This according to him, are crowd of tiny stars.

“Diyay babassit nga bituen gamin sir, isu agserserbi nga simbolo nga adda iti panagmaymaysa ken urnus na uray nu tribun ti Butbut daytuy, nagsisinnabali kami man ket adda ayat ti maysa ken maysa,” Amando Pablo shared, one member of said association.

“Agyaman kami ti DSWD ta nangted da ti pangrurugyan mi,” added Pablo.

Message of Governor Ferdinand B. Tubban

During the ceremony, Governor Ferdinand Tubban encouraged the beneficiaries to carry out their responsibility to sustain said livelihood as the government is also doing their part to help them.

“Haan yu ibaba unay ta diyay kalidad, pagbiagan daytuy. Addan tu produkto yu ket dakami met iti gobyerno tumulung kami latta met nu kas-anu tayu nga maimarket,” Tubban said.

“Pasikaten ti produkto ti Butbut, isunga nga dakayu nga a-annak,daytuy ket tawid tayu kadigiti a-amma tayu idi isuda ti nangirugi iti mamayat nga aramid ket sapay kuma ta itultuloy tayu,” he added.

In his message, he admitted that back then, the best blacksmith products when it comes to bolos and knives were those done by the ‘Butbut’ tribe, and thus the products of the organization could mean so much with the revival of traditional skills and traditional blacksmith products.

Tubban said the Province shall be willing to help and provide assistance when necessary so long as the organization does its part in keeping with the objectives of the sustainable livelihood project given to them and not waste the efforts and resources of the government.



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