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Baguio suicide cases mostly young adults

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Baguio City, Philippines—Suicide cases in Baguio City for the first semester of 2021 nearly surpassed the documented cases for the entire year in 2020, with most of the cases recorded being young adults.

Public Information Office-City of Baguio reported that 19 suicide cases for the first semester of 2021 were recorded by the City Social Welfare and Development Office, while 24 cases for the entire year in 2020. Moreover, of the 19 cases, 16 are males, and the majority ages between 20 to 30 years old.

In an attempt to lessen the burden of loss, the families of the suicide victims underwent psychological first aid through the CSWDO in collaboration with the Philippine Mental Health Association and City Health Services Office.

Importance of reporting unusual behavior of people

CSWDO Betty Fangasan said the suicide cases were suspected to have caused by stressful life events, mental health issues or disorders, family and financial problems among others.

She explained the importance of reporting suicide cases to concerned agencies such as CSWDO, urging the public to seek immediately the assistance of the concerned authorities for appropriate interventions, should they witness unusual behaviors of family members and people around them.

Meanwhile, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority on March 16, suicide is the 27th leading cause of death in 2020 with 3,529 deaths. This is 25.7% higher than the 2,808 suicide cases in 2019.

Additionally, the average number of cases of suicide from 2015 to 2020 is at 2,630.


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