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Balbalan embarks on quest for its next queen

Balbalan, Kalinga – The town of Balbalan is currently abuzz with anticipation as the details for the application for the prestigious search for Miss Balbalan 2024 have been unveiled by the Municipal Tourism.


This much-anticipated event serves as a platform for aspiring candidates to showcase not only their beauty, talent, and grace, but also to potentially become the esteemed representatives of the municipality in a celebration of Balbalan's rich culture and elegance.


This quest will stand out as a centerpiece during the 16th Manchatchatong Festival. "Manchatchatong" is a local expression that resonates with the essence of gathering and unity. This term symbolizes a collective invitation for the 14 villages to converge and partake in the festivities hosted in the town proper.


Last year, the esteemed title was bestowed upon Wylan Christine M. Wacdisan, who gracefully wore the crown as Miss Balbalan. Now, the spotlight shifts to the search for her successor, promising a new chapter in the legacy of this distinguished title.



To qualify for the coveted Miss Balbalan 2024 crown, candidates must adhere to specific criteria. Eligible candidates should be residents or possess a bloodline connected to Balbalan, single, and aged between 17 and 23 (excluding those turning 24 on or before March).


Meeting the minimum height requirement of 5'3" is essential, coupled with the demonstration of good moral attributes, and an embodiment of beauty in both face and body figure.


Aspirants should not currently hold any titles in other municipalities or provinces.




Prospective candidates are urged to submit a filled-out application form, a photocopy of their birth certificate, and a certificate affirming residency or tribal affiliation validating their Balbalan origin.


A personal appearance is also a requirement during the application process.


Application and Screening


The application window is set from February 1-2, 5-9, 15-16, and 19, 2024, extending from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Municipal Tourism Office in Poblacion, Balbalan. During this period, applicants are expected to present themselves in smart casual attire without makeup.


The submission process will include measurements of vital statistics and height, with a mandatory interview following suit.


Admission to the pageant will be promptly announced, accompanied by detailed instructions from the pageant management.



In adhering to general guidelines, only one entry per Barangay is permitted. However, in situations where a Barangay is unable to nominate a local candidate, they may sponsor an eligible candidate from outside their vicinity, provided she meets the necessary qualifications.


The door is also open for companies, business entities, and private organizations to sponsor candidates meeting the stringent requirements.


The deadline for submitting applications is set for February 19, 2024, at 4:00 pm, with no extensions granted.


The comprehensive calendar of activities will be directly communicated to the candidates by the efficient management team overseeing the pageant.


Now is the time to take a bold step forward and seize the chance to become the epitome of grace and beauty – the next Miss Balbalan!