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Mt. Kabunian in Bakun, Benguet reopens on Jan. 7

Bakun, Benguet – Local and international tourists are allowed to hike and camp in Mount Kabunian in Barangay Poblacion, Bakun, Benguet starting January 7, 2023.

After two years of closure, Municipal Mayor Bill Raymundo released Executive Order No. 49-2022, giving Mt. Kabunian a green light to resume its operation with the goal of improving the tourism industry in the municipality.

In a joint assessment held earlier, the Municipal and Barangay Local Government Unit discussed the rules and regulations for the reopening of said tourist site in order to ensure compliance with the Minimum Public Health Standards and Safety Protocols.

Guidelines and Restrictions

Under the EO, tourists planning to visit the site shall be required to coordinate with Bakun Municipal Tourism Council Facebook Page or through 09380925115 or 09662641458, at least three days before their intended visit.

Upon arrival, they shall register with the Tourist Information and Assistance Center or to Municipal Tourism Office for monitoring and accounting.

All tourists must be at least 18 years old above must present a valid ID and vaccination card.

Before leaving the place, visitors shall log out at the Barangay Hall of Poblacion.

Prohibited activities

Prohibited activities or unlawful acts were mentioned in the EO to preserve and maintain the tourism site. These are littering or scattering waste materials; wearing indecent or seductive attires; hanging signs or cutting/carving/etching on trees, making writings or inscriptions on stones, structures, or markers; and carrying firearms or any other hunting equipment.

Other forbidden activities are bringing intoxicating liquor; intentional destruction of plants and killing of animals within the sites; acts that tend to offend or degrade the cultural practices of the community; and burning within the campsite.

Mt. Kabunian

Mount Kabunian is named after ‘Kabunian’, the highest deity of the ‘Kankana-ey’ tribes. People in the locality believe the god resides in the mountain.

The site has breathtaking views of a huge rocky mountain that is highly recommended for hardy rock climbers and mountain trekkers. The mountain’s rocky peak is a perfect area for camping.


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