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Residential fire incidents in Kalinga almost tripled in 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Residential fire incidents in the Province of Kalinga in 2021 almost tripled the number of cases recorded in 2020, according to BFP-Kalinga data.

Data from the Bureau of Fire Protection – Kalinga showed that 58 fire incidents were documented last year. This number is 52.63% higher than the 38 cases recorded in 2020.

The data likewise revealed that the number of residential fire incidents climbed by 157.14%, from 7 incidents in 2020 to 18 incidents recorded in 2021.

Meantime, the number of agricultural land fires increased by 266.67% with 11 cases logged last year compared to 3 cases in 2020.

As for grass fire, which is the most common fire incident (21 cases) that transpired in 2020, it saw a decline, with only one incident in 2021.

Other fires incidents logged

BFP-Kalinga logged 5 cases of vehicular fire incidents, the same as last year. The number of recorded cases of fire in educational institutions remains the same, one incident.

While there were zero hotel and business fire incidents in 2020, the BFP recorded one incident for each category this 2021.

According to the data of BFP-Kalinga, the most common cause of fire incidents in the province was said to be open flame from rubbish fire or bonfire to structural fire and open flame from farmland or agricultural land clearing operation.

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