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Tragic drowning of 45-yr.-old mechanic in Aparri, Cagayan revealed 2 days after body found

Aparri, Cagayan - The remains of a mechanic who went missing after a jet ski capsized in a river in Aparri have been found by authorities two days later.


They were discovered about 15 meters away from where the watercraft overturned in Barangay Toran.


Authorities disclosed that the mechanic and the owner of the jet ski, who served as the driver, were test-driving the newly repaired water vehicle on Tuesday, February 6, when a sudden incident occurred.


The owner's neck became entangled in the fish net’s rope, resulting in him losing control of the jet ski, causing it to overturn.


Although the driver was wounded and even lost consciousness due to the incident, he managed to swim to the riverbank and save himself.

Sadly, the fate of the mechanic, who did not know how to swim, was different. He became the subject of a search and rescue operation but was not immediately found.


When discovered on Thursday, February 8, his body was already bloated.


He was identified by police as alias Regie, 45, and a resident of Camalaniugan, Cagayan.


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