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Community from Ifugao rallies for return of OFW facing legal issue in Saudi

Ifugao, Philippines - In the midst of 2024, Jonel Tambiag's story continues to touch the hearts of many as he perseveres in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, juggling part-time work for survival.


Jonel, the son of a deceased farmer, left the Philippines in 2013 with dreams of uplifting his family from poverty. Unfortunately, these aspirations remain unfulfilled. With his father being a senior citizen, each passing day becomes a fervent wish to see his son again.


Guided by faith, the community stands by him in his struggle that began in 2021 when a legal issue detained him in Saudi Arabia, demanding a hefty payment of 238,000 riyals or over P3.5 million.


Since the launch of the fundraising initiative, a substantial P1.5 million has been amassed, securely deposited in a cooperative in Ifugao. A significant boost to this fund was a P300,000 cash assistance from Congressman Solomon Chungalao's office in 2023, bringing the total to P1.8 million.

Despite the challenges, Jonel clings to hope for his return home. The community is urged to extend heartfelt prayers, seeking divine intervention.


Facing financial hurdles, his family appeals for additional assistance to meet the victim's required P3.5 million.


To contribute, financial help can be sent to the GCash account numbers 0906-313-1002 or 0936-307-5415. Additionally, those willing to assist can contact Jovy Geronimo through


In unity and compassion, the community remains a beacon of hope for Jonel Tambiag and his family.