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Soldier in Balbalan wounded after clash with NPA

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Balbalan, Kalinga — A soldier was wounded after an armed encounter with members of the communist terrorist group in Sitio Upper Tanap, Mabaca, Balbalan afternoon of Sunday, December 12.

The soldier is slightly wounded according to a report from the 5th Infantry Division.

The clash between the undetermined number of rebels and the 50th Infantry Battalion ensued when the latter responded to a tip from the residents of Mabaca about the presence of the NPA in the locality.

During the combat operation, the government troops encountered the rebels resulting in a five-minute firefight.

The CTGs backed out in different directions, leaving some of their high-powered firearms and belongings behind.

Seized items from the encounter site include two pieces of M16, a piece of M653 rifle, a hand grenade, 3 improvised explosive devices, a backpack, documents, and other belongings.

Meantime, Major General Laurence Mina, the Commander of the 5th Infantry Division, stressed that they are not going to let the rebels celebrate their anniversary and that they will not give them a chance to instill fear among the people.

“We won’t let the CNTs celebrate their upcoming anniversary. We will end insurgency and stop terrorism in every community. The terrorist group is now desperate, but we will not give them a chance to sow fear against the people. We will risk our lives just to make sure the safety of everyone,” he stated.


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