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12 Tabuk youth cyclists join first Philippine Cycling Festival in Pampanga

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Twelve Tabuk young bikers are set to participate in the first Philippine Cycling Festival in Clark, Pampanga on June 4, 2022.

The cycling festival is patterned on an international cycling festival, geared towards developing cycling culture in the country. According to one of its head organizers, it is a grassroots program for aspiring athletes in the country.

The 12 bikers will be participating in five categories which include the Men Youth category (14-16 years old), Men Juniors category (ages 17-18), Men Elite category (19 and above), Women Junior category (17-18) and Women Elite category (19 and above).

The team includes Jemuel Aggalao, Cyrus Mabanag, and Joseph Pellicer Jr. for the Men Youth; Rembrandt Dalanao, Odrix Esquivel, and Jade Coloma for the Men Juniors; Jofer Cuyob, Jimmy Gamongan, and Jonathan Guitering for the Men Elite; Kaira Tan for the Women Juniors while Jinky Damagon is the team’s representative for the Women Elite.

Said young bikers have been participating in various cycling events in the city and provinces outside Kalinga.

In a statement, the Tabuk Kalinga Cycling Team is hopeful that this event will serve as inspiration among yKalinga youth and will bring pride to the entire province of Kalinga.

“We believe that events exposure like this one has a great impact in the development of their skills and abilities as an athlete and as a better person,” a team member said.

As highlighted by one of the event organizers, the event will serve as a venue for kids to learn that cycling is not dangerous and is actually a healthy activity to strengthen the immune system against viruses.

Preparations of the Tabuk City cyclists

The team said that they did their best to train despite the unfavorable weather for the past weeks.

“Our athletes were really motivated to train and represent Team TABUK (Taraki Bikers of United Kalinga) or Tabuk City rather, at a National Level and also to inspire their fellow youth by promoting sports aligned with our hashtags, #ProSports #ProHealth #ProSocial,” Tabuk Kalinga Cycling Team said.

“But of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of their sponsors, team president Mr. John Lloyd Lacwasan, supportive family, friends, and teammates,” they said while expressing their gratitude to those who are supporting them in their journey to the cycling festival.


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