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15-yr.-old boy dies after falling from three-storey house in Bontoc

Bontoc, Mt. Province – A 15-year-old teenager who was preparing to go to sleep on Monday, January 1, tragically fell to his death from the third floor of a three-story house in Lower Caluttit, Bontoc.

According to the police, the victim, accompanied by his older brother and a classmate, had been drinking before the incident occurred.

The victim had mentioned his intention to sleep, but a short while later, his older brother heard what sounded like a fall to the ground.

Upon realizing that it was his brother who had fallen, he immediately called for help.

They rushed the victim to Bontoc General Hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival.

The physician’s diagnosis confirmed that he had succumbed to a traumatic brain injury and multiple facial fractures as a result of the fall.

Additionally, he tested positive for alcohol consumption based on a breath test.

Meanwhile, the boy's remains were laid to rest on Wednesday, January 3.