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2 Kalinga dishes and Bugnay wine take center stage in Mangan Taku Food Fair in Baguio City

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Indigenous dishes and wine in the Cordillera region are set to be showcased during the Mangan Taku food Fair at the Rose Garden, Burnham Park Park, Baguio City this April 24-29.


The food fair was institutionalized by City Ordinance No. 81 back in 2019 and is part of the “Buwan ng Kalutong Pilipino” or the Filipino Food Month which is celebrated annually.


The celebration ‘promotes the appreciation, preservation, and promotion of Philippine culinary traditions and treasures, ensuring the transfer of knowledge to future generations and supports various industries, farmers, and agricultural communities.’


On this spectacle display of Cordilleran food and wine, three shall be originating from the province of Kalinga.


One of these is the “inandila”, a tongue-shaped rice cake that is made out of sticky rice, and drizzled with either a ‘latik’ or peanut.


‘Binungor’, the famous, mouthwatering dish that placed the province in the culinary map shall also have its highlight. This spicy local delicacy is a mixture of local vegetables and shells in the province, with three main ingredients which includes bamboo shoots, ‘agurong’, and chili.


A delicious meal complements with a flavorful wine and for said reason, one of Kalinga’s finest fruit wine, the ‘Bugnay’ wine shall also be exhibited in the fair.

The Department of Tourism Cordillera invites the public, particularly food enthusiast, to join the fair aimed at celebrating the finest flavors and wines of the Cordillerans.


“Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your senses! Save the date and join the feast!” the agency wrote.


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