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4 new PMA graduates from Kalinga visit home

Updated: Jun 5

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Four young yKalingas have successfully concluded their journey at the country’s premier military institution, and now they are back to visit their home province.

2LT Samuel Revan Sawadan, 2LT Zita Dewi Nirvana Messakaraeng, Ensign Carl David Bucalen Yaban, and 2LT Ethan Mathew Banzuela Diasen wrapped up their four rigorous years at the Philippine Military Academy on May 18, 2024, in Baguio City.

These four are among the 278 cadets who composed the PMA Bagong Sinag Class of 2024.  

On May 21, Sawadan who came from Rizal and Messakaraeng who is from Tabuk City and the Humanities Plaque awardee paid courtesy visit to Governor James Edduba at the Provincial Capitol.

The governor congratulated the two including Yaban and Diasen, saying that many of the younger generation want to be where they are now and are looking up to them.

“Congratulations. Ipapati yo. Adu ti mangkitkita kanyayo tatta, nga kayat dakayo tuladen. Agserserbi kayo nga inspiration ti kakailyan. Very proud iti Kalinga ta adda kayo nga nangitakder manen ti ili tayo,” the governor told them as relayed by Kalinga Provincial Information Officer Dionica Alyssa Legasi.