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Abrenian film maker designated as NCCA Executive Council Member

Abra, Philippines – More professionals from Abra province are taking seats in the national government and agencies.

On September 27 last year, a native of Bangued, Abra, and former Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin was appointed as the Executive Secretary of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. He is the incumbent Chairman of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) board of trustees.

On Jan. 04, Atty. Rogelio D. Peig, also from Bangued, was sworn in as Undersecretary for Strategic Action and Response Office (STAR) under the Office of the Executive Secretary. The STAR Office is one of the frontline units of the OES that shall promote timely action and response to the concerns of the public.

Earlier this month, a multi-awarded Abrenian filmmaker and director, Dexter Macaraeg was designated by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) as Executive Council Member for the Philippine National Committee on Cinema for the term 2023-2025, announced local-based official public information arm of the government.

Macaraeg is the founder of the Sine Abreño, a film production located in Bangued, Abra which promotes independent filmmaking; and the annual Abrenian Heritage Film Festival.

The director was honored for his Excellence in Filmmaking and was adjudged as Outstanding Multi-awarded International Film Director of the Year in 2022.

Also, Macaraeg was among the outstanding artists who were conferred accolades during the Gawad Dangal Filipino Awards Night in December last year, after he was named by the Dakilang Filipino Awards as Outstanding Indie Director of the Year 2022.

He produced and directed “Tata Pilo” and “Am-amma,” both multi-awarded documentary films that feature the culture of Abra.


As an Executive Council Member, part of his functions is to advise the commission on policy matters, including but not limited to the use of grant funds, pending bills in Congress on culture and the arts; and initiating and/or proposing bills relating to culture and the arts and advocate and/or lobby for the passage thereof.

Likewise, he shall formulate the rules and regulations affecting the policy of formulation, composition, operations, and dissolution of National Committees, subject to the approval of the Commission; and initiate studies and make policy and project recommendations pertaining to Cinema for consideration of the commission.

Macaraeg shall further craft plans for the cinema sector; and assist in identifying individual artists and cultural workers, non-government organizations, academic institutions, and other organizations that may be able to contribute to the work of the NCCA.

He may also serve as a resource person in lectures and workshops that may be conducted by the commission.


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