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Bago tribe's Tumadek group joins Panagbenga for cultural heritage preservation

Tabuk City, Kalinga - For some, festival is a chance to spend time with family and peers; a chance to generate income for entrepreneurs; an occasion for celebration and enjoyment for others. But for Tumadek Cultural group, festival is an avenue for cultural preservation, which is why they will be joining the famous Panagbenga or Baguio Flower Festival.

Formed in 2021, the cultural organization consists of youth from Bago sub-tribe or the descendants of inter-marriages between Ilocanos and Igorots.

Tumadek is derived from the group’s ethnic dance called “tadek/pinanyuan.”

Creation of Tumadek Cultural Group

The idea of forming the group started in May 2021 when Alden Jayce Manzano (Tumadek Youth President) and his troop were then invited to represent their village, Casigayan in a youth camp.

“After that po, nag-try ako mag-ask sa mga ka-group ko noon if interested silang sumali sa Panagbenga this coming February 25 then yun, gusto nila ma-experience last September 2021 kaya bumuo agad ako ng group,” said Manzano.

Founding group members invited their fellow youth to be part of the troop. As of writing, 68 members confirmed their attendance in the annual flower festival.


Asked about their purpose in joining the festivity, the group leader underscored two points.

First, he stated, is “to practice the youth to be more aware of their culture wherein this young generation can gain more skills, knowledge and get to know more about our cultures, especially cultures and traditions of the Bago tribe.”

Second, he pointed out, is to enhance their talents and skills in playing gongs and dancing different variations of the Bago cultural dances.

Through these, the enriched culture and traditions of the tribe will be preserved and will be passed on to the next generations, Manzano stressed.


Since most of the group members are students, they find time to practice at night. Likewise, the organization is currently preparing its props.

For exposure, Tumadek will also join the upcoming 4th Bodong Festival.

In a bid to aid other indigenous peoples, especially the youth in learning their cultures and tribal traditions, the group is planning to build a Cultural Dance Organization.

Manzano challenged his fellow youth to “involve themselves in such activities and events like this instead of doing things that could destroy their whole being.”

“Let's prove to Rizal that we, the youth, is the hope of the future,” he said.


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