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Brgy. Balawag, Tabuk invites tourists to explore Banga-banga Falls

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Barangay Balawag invites adventure-seekers to visit Banga-banga falls, a hidden waterfalls situated between the mountains of Balawag and Amlao that has been left unexplored for some time.

The falls offers not just its cool and refreshing waters but also a scenic view of jar-like mini landscapes where its name was coined.

To experience bathing at the natural wonder, adventure enthusiasts just need to ride a vehicle to reach Sitio Paligatto for 20-30 minutes. Upon reaching Paligatto, it will take 2-3 hours to reach the falls.

While tourists are invited to explore the area, the Barangay Local Government Unit of Balawag led by Punong Barangay Jerry Donga reminded them of an on-going barangay ordinance wherein they need to pay a nominal fee of P10 pesos at the barangay hall as a registration fee.

For weekend get-away in the area, he urged travelers to inform them in advance since the barangay hall is close during Saturdays and Sundays.

Tourist guides shall accompany visitors and for the amount of fee, it would be left to the discretion of visitors.

Visitors are likewise encouraged to not litter along the trail and at the site. They shall be responsible of the proper disposal of their waste and to not leave any garbage at the falls.

“Madama mi nga i-enhance dagitoy nga rules idiay ordinansiya tapnu masurot ken tapnu met a ma-preserve tayu iti nature haan laeng nga para iti Balawag nu di ket pati met laeng para kadagiti bisita nga mang-enjoy iti nature ditoy ayan tayo,” the barangay captain told Station 1 Radio.

Difficulty level of trekking is 3/9

When asked on the difficulty level of trekking the trails to reach Banga-banga Falls, members of the Recreational Outdoor Club of Kalinga (ROCK) Incorporated, a group of experienced yKalinga mountaineers said it is 3/9.

They likewise rated the fall’s trail as class 1-2, and added it would entice beginners since it only offers a minor hike.



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