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‘Budol budol’ swindling P23,000 in Tabuk arrested in Paracelis

Tabuk City, Kalinga — The man who swindled around P23,000 from his recent victim in Tabuk City yesterday was arrested in Paracelis this February 6, 2022, according to Paracelis Municipal Police Station.

The suspect identified as Raymond ‘Emong’ Calpo, 36, resident of Banilag, Poblacion, Paracelis, was caught after Station 1 Radio, the broadcast arm of Guru Press Cordillera, made a post to warn people about a Budol budol incident in Tabuk which happened on February 5.

The suspect told the victim he was selling construction materials at a cheaper price. The victim then sent his foreman with the suspect in order to get the said materials he paid for P23,000.

However, while on the way to the supposed area where they will get the materials, the suspect asked the foreman to get down from his motorcycle to get something but immediately sped off with his TMX black 155.

It appeared that Calpo likewise swindled people in Bulo, Tabuk City, and other areas with the same modus.

Arresting the suspect

In the Guru Press interview with Police Captain Cornelio Marawis, Paracelis Chief of Police, he said that he immediately deployed his intelligence personnel to locate the person upon reading the post made by Station 1 Radio.

Once they found that he was hiding in the forested area in Sitio Tapinit, Barangay Poblacion, the Paracelis police, together with the 1st platoon of the 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company, proceeded to the area to arrest the person.

“Gapu ta nabasan dagiti netizens tayo daytoy in-flash yu [idiay Station 1 Radio] nga panggep kanyana nga nagbudol budol idiay Tabuk, nakita mi ditoy and then my intelligence personnel natunton da daytoy nga tao … I organized my team and we went to the area and we noticed nga adda isuna idiay nga aglemlemmeng,” Marawis narrated.

The suspect’s modus

The Paracelis chief of police disclosed that the suspect is also facing complaints not just in Tabuk but also in Paracelis and Alfonso Lista, Ifugao.

Marawis mentioned that the modus of the suspect is to lure his victims and tell them he is going to sell their pigs for them or offer some products, but will later just run away with his clients’ money.

“Nu saan, mapan na alaen. Ipakada na lang apan na alan diay baboy ta sukatan na iti baboy met lang nga dagiay burias nga dagiay hybrid … ngem haan na sukatan,” he added.

Just a week ago, Marawis said that Calpo’s wife had to pay P28,000 to settle a complaint against him.

Calpo is now under the custody of the Paracelis Municipal Police Station, while he awaits new charges from his recent victims.


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