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Barangay Captain in Tabuk City tells public not to buy smuggled pigs

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Bulanao Centro Punong Barangay Cosme Gunnawa is reminding the public to refrain from buying hogs that are illegally being brought inside Kalinga, following the confiscation of 28 piglets ready for sale early morning today, July 28, in Purok 6 Bulanao.

Gunnawa reiterated that transportation of animal to the province is prohibited without the needed documents and permit from the Department of Agriculture. This is part of the prevention of the African Swine Fever and other animal contraband entering the province.

Gunnawa said they were alerted after receiving an information concerning a delivery of piglets coming from outside Kalinga. The tip gave them enough time to intercept the pick-up truck before it could deliver to the households in Bulanao.

He added that there were no documents certifying that the pigs had undergone the process and were given authority to be transported.

The piglets were then brought to the custody of the Provincial Veterinary Office for observation.

“Nagadu met ti mabalin tayo a pag-alaan ti buryas a talaga a magna idiay proseso, ta nagngina met lang panaglako dagita parehas met lang nu gumatang tayo idiay farm a talaga a nagna ti proseso,” he said.

“Sunga pakpakaasik ti taga Barangay Bulanao a haan kayo pay lang nga aggatgatang karkaru dagita ag-deldeliver a sekreto, ta haan yu nga mahabol dagita nu matay dagita ginatang yu nga baboy,” he added.

Barangay Bulanao Centro is continuously inspecting pigs and frozen foods being brought inside the market in order to ensure the safety of the public as well as to prevent the outbreak of ASF and other diseases.

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