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Pasil LGU to settle long-time Ableg-Cagaluan boundary dispute

Pasil, Kalinga – The local government of Pasil headed by Mayor Alfredo Malannag Jr. is set to conduct a final forum with officials and elders of Barangays Ableg and Cagaluan to resolve their long-time boundary dispute.

According to Councilor Ronnie Bawalan, the settlement is also for the address of Pasil National High School (PNHS) to be resolved. From the start of the school’s operation in 1986 up to date, the school is addressed at Sitio Tucol, Pasil, Kalinga.

“Diay location diay eskwelaan nga Pasil National High School ket i-claim ti Cagaluan nga bagi da diay nga daga ket i-claim met ti Ableg nga kanyada so we are trying to solve it so that the school will have the complete address,” Bawalan said in an interview.

The councilor narrated that the dispute started during the construction of the elementary building where the boundary of Ableg and Cagaluan is located.

“Idi inpatakder da ti elementary idiay, kinoveran ti taga-Cagaluan so daytoy taga-Ableg inyalis da diay school ditoy banda ti location da. After that, insubli da manen diay elementary idiay dati nga ayan na and then naisabay diay construction ti high school,” Bawalan explained.

Sitio Tucol as part of Barangay Ableg

Accordingly, the location was tax mapped back in the 1990s without the consent of those from Cagaluan and other concerned stakeholders, so Sitio Tucol was registered as part of Ableg at the Assessor’s Office.

A tax map is a special purpose map, accurately drawn to scale showing all the real property parcels within an area, serving as a basis for a just and uniform taxation of real properties.

Cagaluans’ claim

People of Cagaluan claim that they own a large part of the lot and they are against the tax mapping done without public hearing.

“Santu lang naamwan dagiay taga Cagaluan di napan da idiay assessor ket diay ginatgatang ti Ableg nga daga idiay Tucol ket Ableg ti naka-address idiay declaration da,” Bawalan said.

‘Bugis’ as basis of both parties

Both sides claim that the lot is part of their “bugis,” an area covered by their treaty called “bodong.”

“Nasurut dagiay inbagbaga ti inmuna idi nga diay pugis nga boundaries ket isu ti sursuruten da enggana tatta ket talaga nga nu kitan da diay bugis da, diay pagta iti bodong, kunada naka-indicate nga maala diay lote banda ti Ableg. Itatta, ti kunan pay ti Cagaluan, nu bugis manen ti suruten, adda metlaeng idiay bugis mi dayta nga lote,” the councilor relayed.

Meetings conducted for the lot settlement

In August 2021, Bawalan and other members of Sangguniang Bayan had a meeting with representatives from both barangays. An agreement was supposed to be inked, but only few officials of Ableg attended.

Officials appealed that the process must be followed and that they cannot make the decision alone saying, “alangan nga desisyonan mi ket dakami lang nga uubbing, pabasulen da dakami kadagiay lallakay.”

“Adda kuma ti development diay first nga meeting ta kuna ti taga-Cagaluan, ikabil da idiay asideg ti waig ti boundaries, tatta gapu ta against ti taga-Ableg, inngatu da manen idiay waiting shed. Gapu ta kuna ti Ableg nga bassit ladta, inkabil da idiay isolaton center tapnu diay pagpatenggaan mi,” recalled the councilor.

Another meeting was held at Pasil National High School but the schedule was in conflict with Ableg’s activity, so only a few were again present.

Recent Development

“Nag-reschedule kami manen ta kayat tayo ngarud nga awan kuma ti mapasamak nga madi,” Bawalan underscored.

On October 7, 2021, another meeting was conducted in Ableg, attended by most of the constituents. Ableg, during the meeting, affirmed their “bugis” and presented new Mode of Verifications (MOVs) to include the addresses of lot buyers in Tucol addressed at Ableg.

When this information was presented to Cagaluan on October 21, 2021, officials asked for a final meeting with the presence of Assessor’s Office, Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR), and the Mayor.

Bawalan contacted Mayor Malannag, who responded positively. Both hope that the barangays meet halfway for the settlement of the dispute.

“Bale nu adda pagkikinnaawatan da, mai-resolution dayta agreement nga daytoy ti final nga decision the same day tapnu agpipirma metlaeng dagiay present tu. Ag-suggest met laeng ni Mayor nu anya ti Mode of Verification nga maaramid,” the councilor stated.

The forum may be scheduled by next week.

(This is a developing story.)