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Petition to revoke voter registration filed against Benguet Cong. Eric Yap

La Trinidad, Benguet - A petition to revoke the voter registration of Benguet Caretaker Representative Eric Yap was filed before the Municipal Trial Court First Judicial Region in Itogon, Benguet due to alleged non-compliant with the prescribed law.

A petition filed by some residents of the municipality against Yap’s voter registration states that Yap is not a Filipino because he himself admitted that his parents are both Chinese.

Atty. Jerry Marave, legal counsel of the petitioners, explained that the petitioners’ allegation is not based on gossips, asserting their complaint on the congressman’s true nationality, adding that through the study of the court and the law, it will be known whether the solon is really a Filipino or not.

According to the petitioners, the Election Registration Board of Itogon made a mistake in approving the transfer of the voter’s registration of Yap. The petition states that the Election Registration Board did not investigate whether he was really a resident in the said area.

As stated in the petition, the congressman only applied in April 2021 to the Election Registration Board of Itogon, and that the public know that he came from Davao city and became the caretaker of the province in January 2020.

Meanwhile, Atty. Marave also filed a petition for the cancellation of Yap's candidacy before COMELEC central office. Stated reasons in the petition of some residents against the caretaker were the basis of the lawyer in filing his petition on October 29.

Yap’s camp requested the court to dismiss the petition

The camp of Benguet caretaker congressman Eric Yap immediately requested the court to dismiss the petition of some residents of Itogon, reasoning that the allegations have no merit and basis.

The congressman's camp insisted that individuals only use the court to gather evidence against the lawmaker and they have shown nothing to prove that he is not a Filipino.

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