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Pupil listed friend for track and field competition, her friend later won 5 medals for Kalinga in CARAA 2024

While others are aware of their talents, some are not until they come face to face with their potential.


Such is the case of the 12-year-old yKalinga who contributed five medals – 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze - in the 102 overall medals the Province of Kalinga collected in the 2024 Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) Meet in Apayao.


Kyana Kate Alagano, a grade 6 pupil of the Rizal Central School, sprinted to victory in the 200 and 400-meter dash, winning two gold medals for Kalinga in said events. She likewise harvested silver in the 100-meter sprint.

Kyana also brought bronze for the province in the 4x100-meter relay along with Crizelda Danguilan, Lovely Joy Alagano, and Cyrish Tayawa; and another bronze medal in the 4x400-meter relay along with Danguilan, Bernadette Balagso, and Kylynne Riss Tangdol.


Joining track and field by accident


In an interview with her supportive mother, Maricon who travelled with her daughter to Luna, Apayao, she shared that Kyana first tried out for sports in 2022 where she planned to play badminton. However, her friend wrote her name in the track and field games, specifically in the 100 and 200-meter sprint.


“Diay talaga ay-ayam nga kayat na badminton pero diay friend na in-entry na isuna iti track and field, so kapilitan nga nagtaray,” Maricon relayed.


Having left with no choice, Kyana who had no background in athletics competed in the selection at their school where she fortunately won against her competitors.


From there, Kyana was trained by her coach, Rochie Ann Del Monte who helped her win in lower-level competitions. She later qualified to join the 2023 CARAA where she bagged silver in 100m, her first-ever medal in the biggest sporting event in the Cordillera region.


Fueled by her experience last year, Kyana came back stronger in the 2024 CARAA where she won those five gold medals for Kalinga.


Coach Del Monte, meanwhile, told GURU Press Cordillera she knew Kyana’s potential and that she had what it takes to win so they train harder and push Kyana and her fellow athletes to go beyond their limits.



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