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Suspects in Bangued, Abra ambush, killing 1, still unknown

Updated: Jun 22

Bangued, Abra – Abra police are still working to identify the suspects who ambushed the group of a barangay captain at Sitio Silag, Barangay Calot, Bangued that resulted in the death of an individual.

The incident transpired June 14 and the police do not have lead as of yet.

To help them in identifying the culprit and the motive behind the killing, a special investigation task group was formed by authorities to specifically aid in the case.

To recall, Robert Bio, the barangay captain along with his two brothers and his brother-in law were on board of a gray Toyota HiAce to attend a court hearing morning of said date.

When they arrived at the incident scene, hail of bullets rained them. The suspects, based on one of the victim’s accounts hid on the bushes when they started firing their guns.

The brother-in-law of Bio, Demy Peralta, was instantly killed during the attack as he was seated beside the barangay captain who was then driving the car.

The barangay captain, meantime, sustained gunshot wounds in his arm and various parts of his body and now recuperating in the hospital. His brother, Reymart, sustained a minor gunshot wound to the head. Their other sibling, Benson, was left unharmed.

The firearms used in the shooting were a shotgun, M-16 rifle and a caliber 45 gun based on recovered bullets at the crime scene.

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