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yKalinga Midwifery Licensure Exam taker, top 10 in CAR

A 23-year-old yKalinga doubted she would pass the April 2023 Midwifery Licensure Examination(MLE), but when the results came out, her name was included in the list of regional top notchers.

While she reviewed extensively for the board exam, Mary Joy Posadas Quinto, a graduate of Kalinga State University, told GURU Press Cordillera she believed she would have to retake the licensure test for midwifery graduates.

She recounted she was disappointed on the first day of the exam on April 13 as nothing came out from the concepts she reviewed. Feeling defeated and exhausted, Mary Joy didn’t bother going over her notes anymore.

On the next day, she lost focus as she regretted not studying the night before, citing it would have been easier to answer the questions had she reviewed.

Her anxiety also led her to many erasures which are discouraged when taking the boards.

With all of these, Mary Joy doubted she would be a registered midwife after April 14. However, just as she conditioned herself for failure, her name appeared on the list of successful examinees with 85.90% rating.

She didn’t just pass, she also landed number 10 among the takers in the Cordillera region.

‘Lahat ng umpisa mahirap’

Mary Joy narrated she prepared for the exam for two months. She recalled she spent every day, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., learning at the review center and she only allowed herself a moment of rest before she dove back into her notes and books until 11:00 p.m.

“Minsan pag online o kaya wala kaming klase nakakalimutan ko nang kumain dahil sa panunuod ng mga recorded sessions at pagbabasa,” she shared.

Her scores in her pre-board and practice tests likewise didn’t help her confidence as they get lower and lower as the examination neared, she added.

Despite being worn out, her family and loved ones were there to remind her of her goal which is to pass and top the exam.

“Lahat ng umpisa mahirap, May tamang proseso sa bawat tagumpay,” she said, adding it is okay to get tired but one should not give up on their dreams.

When asked about her advice to the next MLE takers, Mary Joy has this to say, “sa mga future Registered Midwife lagi niyong tandaan the key to Success is prayer, hard work, and determination. Huwag puro manifest, work for it.”


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