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  • Abrielle Dalilis and Evelyn Edduba (interns)

Young dancers showcase Kalinga culture in Bodong Street Dancing

Tabuk City, Kalinga – In a joyous display of cultural heritage, young dancers from different municipalities and cities in Kalinga engaged in captivating performances in the Bodong Festival Street Dancing and Showdown.


On February 13, eight educational institutions representing their respective towns and cities convened for the said competition in celebration of the 29th Kalinga Founding Anniversary and 5th Bodong Festival.


These street dancers entertained Kalingas from the rotary marker in front of Davidson Hotel to the Capitol, where they showcased their energetic movements, well-conceptualized themes, colorful props, and enormous backdrops in front of St. Williams Cathedral.


For their final performance, the participants left the audience in awe during the Street Dancing Showdown at the Kalinga Sports Center.

Participants’ performance in the live street dance comprised 40% of their score, while 60% was taken from the final showdown.


List of winners


Despite the tough competition among the participants, the Municipality of Balbalan prevailed, taking home the top rank; followed by the Municipality of Rizal, which secured a commendable second place; and the City of Tabuk, which triumphed as third.


Balbalan was granted a considerable sum of P121,250 as a monetary prize. This consolidated amount came from the P70,000 cash prize for the competition, an incentive amount of P30,000, and donations of P15,000 and P6,250 from Governor James S. Edduba and Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang, respectively.


The second-place winner, meanwhile, was honored with a consolidated amount of P101,250, and the third-place winner was awarded a total of P81,250.


Other participants received a P45,000 consolation prize.