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278 iLubuagen students granted educational assistance

Lubuagan, Kalinga – The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Lubuagan has recently released its second tranche of educational assistance to 278 deserving college students in the municipality on January 31, 2022.

The assistance is in accordance to the LGU’s Ordinance enacted by its Sangguniang Bayan in 2018, seeking to aid poor but deserving college students to help with their needs in their education such as tuition fees and/or matriculation fees.

Last year, a budget of P1,175,000.00 from the LGU fund was allotted to aid beneficiaries enrolled for the School Year 2021-2022.

Ma. Rapunzel P. Basiag from the Mayor’s Office said that in line with the ordinance, 2,500 peso worth of educational assistance per semester are given to each student beneficiary.

“Addan dagiti naka-receive tattay laeng, as for the others, mabalin dan nga mapan alaen. They just have to bring with them their Transcript of Records, true copy of grades and school assessment document [sic],” she noted.

Every school year, deserving students are selected according to the ordinance’s provisions regardless of what educational institution they are enrolled in.

Qualifications of beneficiaries

Stated in the ordinance, applicants who are qualified for the assistance are those who are residents of Lubuagan. They shall not have any grade lower than seventy five percent (75%) in all subjects during the preceding semester or school year.

If their school grade record shows otherwise or documented as incomplete, they shall be given a chance to complete their grade in the following semester.

If the cause of failing grade is due to hospitalization, consideration shall be given as long as they provide a medical certificate as proof.

Applicants' family gross income should not exceed 120,000 pesos annually. They must get certification from their Punong Barangay and the Municipal Social Welfare and Development as “poor but deserving students”.

“No two (02) or more members of the same family shall be allowed to enjoy the educational assistance at the same time” and “not enjoying other educational or scholarship grants”.

The applicants must be of good moral character.

Orphans, students with disability, those who are raised by single parents and those who are victims of armed conflicts are given priority.

Meanwhile, Acting Information Officer Ansherina Rose Odiem informed the student aid started with the previous administration of then Mayor Johnny Dickpus which has been continued by the present Local Chief Executive.

In a separate interview, Mayor Charisma Anne Dickpus explained that the financial assistance is a way to encourage poor but deserving students of Lubuagan to study and finish their education.

“Ta uray narigat ti biag, agtuloy latta dapat iti panag-iskwela… there is always hope in achieving their dream to finish their education ken adda daytoy gobyerno da nga always nga mangipaay ti tulong kanyada,” explained the Mayor.

Mayor Dickpus requested the student beneficiaries to wisely spend the assistance saying that “education can liberate one from poverty and ignorance" and will greatly help them change their lives into something better.


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