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Cong. Mangaoang pushes for One Town, One Evacuation Center Program

Pasil, Kalinga – Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaong, during the ground breaking ceremony of the Pasil evacuation center held on February 02, 2022, stated the necessity of having evacuation centers.

As Senior Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Ecology, Mangaoang co-authored the bill filed by Senator Ralph Recto mandating the construction of evacuation centers in every province, city, and municipality to be called ‘One Town, One Evacuation Center Program.’

“Amin dagitoy ket araramiden tayo gapu ta ti kapapatgan a gameng nga adda iti maysa a pagilyan ket dagiti umili wennu dagiti agindeg ditoy. Ti proteksyon iti biyag ken sanikuwa ti intay ipangpangruna itatta ket mangnamnama tuy numo nga agtultuloy ladta ti intay panagkakadwaan a mangisayangkat ti inyaman a Serbisyon Mangkapiyaan,” the congressman, through his representative Reginald Wacas, said.

Mangaoang praises leaders of Pasil

During the ground breaking ceremony of the P50 million Multipurpose Evacuation Center, funded by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), at Chuyugon, Dangtalan, Pasil, Mangaoang praised the unity of leaders in working.

“Ti panakaipasdek na daytoy evacuation center ket pammaneknek nga agtrab-trabaho dagiti agdama a lideres yu iti munisipyo ken iti probinsiya tapnu maaddaan kayo iti siguridad, saan a panagdanag nu tiyempo ti kalamidad,” underscored Mangaoang.

The congressman recognized the initiative of Pasil Local Government Unit led by Mayor Alfredo ‘Chao-ig’ Malannag Jr. for his effort to get Pasil another evacuation center.

According to Mangaoang, the partnership of the local officials with the cooperation of the community played a big role in the realization of the said project, thus commending the stakeholders.

Mangaoang’s support to evacuation centers

As the Representative of the Lone District of Kalinga, Mangaoang said he has been extending his all-out support to the acquisition of the budget intended for the construction of said evacuation center, having observed that the young people and senior citizens are those most affected when evacuating in schools.

The congress, he said, approved the P2 billion fund for PAGCOR which shall be allocated only for evacuation centers.

“This evacuation center bodes well for our people as we contend with the worsening impact of climate change made evident by more frequent and vicious disasters…As we know, when disasters strike, it is always the poor who are most vulnerable and suffer the most,” expressed the congressman.

Effects of past calamities, he added, have been relaying a reminder of the important task ahead to build the resilience of the people from future disasters.

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