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490 police to secure Kalinga polling precincts on May 9

Updated: May 9, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Around 490 law enforcers of the Philippine National Police in Kalinga will be deployed at the different polling precincts in the said province by Monday, May 9, 2022.

Kalinga Police Provincial Director PCOL Peter Tagtag Jr. told Guru Press that there will be 2 or 3 police officers who will be providing security for each precinct. Three police officers meanwhile will be assigned to the far-flung communities and areas under threat of Communist Terrorist Groups.

Apart from the security teams, Tagtag added that they will also create quick response teams in every municipality and the city. These teams will be patrolling, manning checkpoints, and will be serving as a backup to the security teams, should there be any untoward incidents.

Moreover, the Philippine Army has also provided an additional quick response team to make sure that there will be enough forces that will react and respond to incidents.

The Kalinga Police Provincial Director conveyed that they are 100% ready and that part of their preparation was the series of simulation exercises in every specific and possible incident that may arise on election day.

With only four days before the casting of ballots, Tagtag appeals to the public to observe the minimum health protocols and to immediately leave the polling precinct once they are done voting. Tagtag as well asks the people to immediately report to the police any untoward incidents during the election.

The Kalinga top cop also reminded supporters of politicians to avoid conflict and respect each other’s choices.

“Sa mga kababayan po natin na mga taga Kalinga lalong lalo na po yung supporters ng candidates, wag po tayong maging mainit. Respetuhin natin yung mga desisyon ng mga kababayan natin kung sino yung suportahan nila, sino yung iboboto nila kasi freedom nila yan. Wag po tayong maging part ng problema during election,” he appealed.


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