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Atty. Dick Bal-o responds to ‘why people should vote for him’ as City Vice-Mayor

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Graduating councilor Atty. Dick Bal-o is confident that he is the most prepared candidate for the position of Tabuk City Vice-Mayor given his experience in public service and as a practicing lawyer.

Bal-o affirmed this during the Voter’s Education and Media Forum held Tuesday, April 05, 2022, at Davidson Hotel, Bulanao, Tabuk City.

After he passed his Bar examination in 1999, he has served as legal counsel of Tabuk Multi-purpose Cooperative (TAMPCO) up to the present. He is a law practitioner at Bal-o office and was elected as City Councilor in 2007-2010.

After a three-year break, Bal-o again has served as city councilor from 2013 to date.

The vice-mayoral candidate believes that these services has prepared him for his desired position.

“Adu met siguro ti nakapadas ti legal a serbisyo ni Atty. Bal-o, that’s why it is stated there in my campaign paraphernalia, Atty. Bal-o Bise-Mayor, BBM kunana. Bal-o, basta Bal-o, maasi ka manen ti maysa a meaning na diay. So abogado ti umili, gayem ti kaadwan, nalaka nga asid’gan,” Bal-o stated when asked by the host on why should the people vote for him.

Further, he said that all the candidates are qualified for the position, given that they are all lawyers.

“Ket nu parehas ti performance mi kadagiay tallo a kaay-ayam ko, we are all qualified kunak met. Agyaman tayo ta abogado kami a tallo. Nu sino man mangabak, very qualified idiay tugawan da… I am the most prepared, ti panagkitak, ken most experienced candidate for vice-mayor in the city of Tabuk,” Bal-o underscored.



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