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Baguio City prepares for face-to-face classes

Baguio City, Philippines – Baguio City is preparing for the resumption of face-to-face classes next year, but first teachers and students have to be fully vaccinated, said Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

During the regular media forum last week, Magalong said that they have reserved their vaccine supply, including booster shots, for students and teachers.

With the threat of the Omicron variant, the mayor said he is hoping that the new variant wouldn’t be as deadly and transmissive so that schooling could easily return to normal.

“Hopefully, hindi matindi ang Omicron, so we can proceed with planning (for academic) activities,” the mayor said.

Magalong said the city government made a series of meeting with the administrations of different colleges and universities in the city regarding the possible in-person classes in January 2022. They have discussed appropriate health measures for a safe re-opening of classes.

Baguio as an educational center of the Cordilleras

Baguio City is on record hosting at least 22 tertiary schools, serving thousands of enrollees.

However, as the pandemic hits, students shifted to remote learning where they mostly find themselves struggling with self-learning. Exacerbated by the lack of materials needed for distance classes like internet and gadgets, students’ academic performance has been heavily affected.

Last semester, only medical courses opened limited face-to-face classes; however, clamor for a safe re-opening of face-to-face classes in all courses is growing.

Decline in Covid-19 cases

As of Dec. 25, Baguio City recorded only 6 active cases with no new confirmed cases. As of Dec. 21, the city reported ‘a 100.37 percent accomplishment for individuals with at least one dose and 88.89 percent for fully vaccinated individuals. For its pediatric population, it has fully vaccinated 58.44 percent and given at least one dose to 72.94 percent of its target population of 42,811 also as of Dec. 21.’

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