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Philippine athletes train in Baguio City for the 31st SEA Games

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Baguio City, Philippines – The Baguio City Government has given permission to more or less 100 athletes to train in the city for the upcoming 31st South East Asian Games which will be held on November 21 to December 2, 2021 in Hanoi Vietnam.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong, in a statement to the media, said that Chairman Ramon Fernandez of the Philippine Sports Commission requested to utilize some sports facilities in the city, for the training of athletics, Muay Thai, boxing and basketball among others.

The approval of the city government for the training, Magalong said, was decided as a measure in maintaining the minimum public standards was assured during the presentation of the commission on their programs, in conducting the “bubble” training scheme.

He further said the fund allotted for them is limited this year, and they need the assistance of local government units to at least lessen their expenses.

At least 40 athletic players including their coaches and trainers shall be utilizing the athletic bowl and shall occupy the first to fourth lanes as the fifth to eight lanes shall be used by Baguio residents for exercise.

“…nakita nga nila na medyo nag-umpisa nang masira yung ating mga tracks and at the same time, hindi rin nila pwedeng gamitin yung track dun sa teacher’s camp dahil talagang ire-rehabilitate na yun so napag-usapan natin na there will be at least 40 athletes including trainers na rin yun and coaches that will still be using yung ating athletic bowl,” Magalong elaborated.

Magalong admitted that some areas of the tracks are already in need of repairs and should at least have marks to signal the athletes that the lane is not safe.

Will there be free accommodation?

When asked if the utilization of accommodation and sport facility will be offered for free, Magalong said the commission is working it out and they are now negotiating with Teachers' Camp and DepEd-Baguio authorities.

“Inendorse ko naman na sila kay Doctor Raymond Ellie Reymundo para at least sana huwag ng mag-charge except siguro sa mga basic necessities like linen pero yung mga kwarto, sana huwag na lang pabayaran ganun din yung ating mga facility dito,” he said.

Magalong explained that there are sports which have their own funding, and they can and still cover food, at the same time the rent of the training venue.

Other assistance the city government could offer is the free buses to be utilized by the Philippine athletes.



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