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Balbalan community throw all out support to bets for Mr. and Miss Kalinga 2024

Updated: Feb 14

Balbalan, Kalinga - The people of Balbalan, under the leadership of Mayor Almar Malannag and Vice Mayor Rowina Allison Damian, stand united in backing their candidates in their bid for the prestigious titles of Mr. and Miss Kalinga 2024.


Miss Wylan Christine M. Wacdisan and Mr. Rex S. Lasi are poised to vie for spots in said search which will unfold on the night of February 13 at the Kalinga Sports Center.


Wacdisan: Championing Cultural Preservation


A Bachelor of Science in Nursing student, the young beauty has already left her mark in the pageant circuit, having secured titles as Miss Junction and Miss Balbalan.


At the age of 20, Wacdisan brings passion for cultural preservation to the forefront of her candidacy.

Her advocacy centers around the preservation of indigenous culture, traditions, and languages within the province. Drawing inspiration from cultural icons like Apo Whang-od, she emphasizes the significance of celebrating and safeguarding indigenous identity.


Despite facing challenges like hectic schedules and limited practice time, Wacdisan remains grateful for the unwavering support she has received from the Balbalan community for standing by her side.


Lasi: Fostering Empowered Communities


Meanwhile, Lasi who was crowned Mr. Balbalan 2022 brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the table.


The 24-year-old mathematics enthusiast represents the essence of Balbalan’s resilience and diversity.


His advocacy for the search revolves around empowering communities to strengthen bonds and preserve heritage, echoing the town’s spirit of unity and shared prosperity.


Lasi sees his participation in the search as an opportunity to make his hometown proud and unite in celebrating their heritage.


In their message, Wacdisan and Rex expressed deep appreciation for the overwhelming support they have received from their family, local government officials and the community since the commencement of preliminary rounds and pledged to do their best in the provincial tilt.


Mayor Malannag and the entire community are confident that Wacdisan and Lasi will shine brightly, showcasing the best of Balbalan’s spirit, culture and talent on the stage of Mr. and Ms. Kalinga 2024.

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