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Balbalan LGU awards P3.6M to its 2023 most child-friendly barangays

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Balbalan, Kalinga – Recognizing the efforts of winning barangays in providing environment conducive to children’s development, the local government of Balbalan awarded on Tuesday, November 28, a total of P3.6 million cash incentives to them.

The incentive is expected to further encourage hard work and participation of barangay officials and their constituents as the cash can be used for project and programs that will scaffold the existing work in their area.

The Municipal Council for the Protection of Children (MCPC) chaired by Mayor Almar Malannag made the search for “Most Child-Friendly Barangay” an annual event to ensure that the children’s needs and safety are being considered in setting the barangay’s development tracks.

Among the indicators used to evaluate the participating villages were functionality of barangay CPC, standards of child-friendly barangays, presence of four gifts, innovations, and compliance to the child-friendly local governance audit criteria, informed the Municipal Information Office.

Topping this year’s search, Gawaan secured the grand prize of P1 million. Dao-angan emerged as second placer thus, pocketing P800,000, while barangay Poblacion, Buaya, and Balbalan Proper received P700,000, P600,000, and P500,000, respectively for making it to the list of winners.

Mayor Malannag acknowledged that the barangays’ undertakings contributed to the 92.66 rating of Balbalan in Department of Interior and Local Government’s 2022 Child-Friendly Local Governance Audit.

This, said the mayor, is a testament that the performance of a community affects the municipality, the province, and the country. He then encouraged his constituents to carry on the excellent work.

The awarding ceremony held at Balbalan Sports Center was also graced by Vice Mayor Rowina Alison Damian.



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