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BFAR grants Kalinga fisherfolks over P.6M worth of equipment

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Tabuk City, Kalinga –Bureau of Fisheries Kalinga turned over various equipment amounting to P638, 297.00 to 4 fisherfolk organizations and 2 individuals in Rizal and Tabuk City on November 10, 2020.

This move is seen as a refuel of encouragement and assistance to the hardwork of the fisherfolks and it is hoped that recipients shall use them accordingly to prosper their livelihood.

Fisherfolk groups who benefited from this grant from the BFAR include Laya East Rural Improvement Club, Saint Williams Credit Cooperative, Challengers Agriculture Cooperative and Binongsay Malin-awa Savings and Loan Cooperative. Individual recipients were Arsenio Madeo and Aaron Pocais.

Madeo and Pocais were given 1 unit solar powered floating venturi aeration,1 unit techno demo 19,000 pcs of fingerlings and 164 bags of feeds(fry-booster, pre-starter, starter, grower and finisher). 1 unit FRP tank was awarded to Laya East Rural Imrovement Club.

Meanwhile, BFAR also awarded to three qualified organizations1 unit upright freezer, 1 unit plastic sealer, 3 units weighing scale, 15 pcs stainless forceps, 14pcs PE Rectangular Cutting Board, 30 pcs Headcap, 30 pcs apron, 10 pcs chef knife, 6 pcs cook’s knife, 6 pcs aluminum trays, 3 pcs colander, 7 pcs HDPE Plastic Rectangular Containers, 2,000 pcs P.E. Bags, 2 sets measuring spoons, 4 sets measuring cup, 2 pcs plastic basin, 4 pcs fermenting vats, 2 units insulated chest cooler w/ BFAR-CAR label, non-motorized tri-bike and 102 kgs initial inputs of fresh fish.

In an interview with Provincial Fishery Officer Joyce Ducyogen, she said the equipment given to Madeo and Pocais are under the special project of the agency. The FRP tank on the other hand is a special project under the Production division of BFAR, and post harvest equipment is under the agency’s Enhanced Post Harvest Program.

The overall aim of this endeavour according to Ducyogen is to increase fish production in the province and lessen dependence on fish supplies especially milkfish and tilapia from merchants of other provinces and regions.

The officer advised the fisherfolk-beneficiaries to take good care of the equipment and utilize them to meet its goal in increasing fish production in the province.

“…dagidiay livelihood ti fisherfolks ket dapat nga may sustainability, karkaru dagidiay fish processors ket mamaintain dagidiay production da ta hopefully ket adda ti arapaap tayu para kadagituy da fish processors, addan tu ti outlet da idiay product da, either ittuy Bulanao or idiay Dagupan,” Ducyogen said.



Registration of agricultural and fisheries machinery in Tabuk City now required


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