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Dead baby found outside Baguio hospital

Baguio City, Philippines – An infant placed inside a container was found outside of Baguio Medical Center on Friday morning, November 19.

The baby was already dead when the police discovered the body outside the said hospital.

According to a report by the Mt. Province Broadcasting Corporation – MPBC, the Baguio City Police Office Station 5 responded to a call from BCPO Mobile 82 about a lifeless body of a newborn discovered within Military Cut Off particularly at the exit area of the Baguio Medical Center.

Upon arrival at the area, the police saw the infant wrapped in a blue towel that was placed in an ice cream container. The container is also described to have been placed in a paper bag.

The newborn was brought to the Baguio Memorial Chapel on Naguilian Road.

Meantime, parents of the infant are now being searched by the Baguio City Police Office Station 5.

The police appealed to the public to report to their office should they know or have any information that will lead to the identification of the baby’s parents.


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