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Elderly woman driver in Tabuk City blinded by high beam, hits center island, survives accident

Updated: Jun 9

Tabuk City, Kalinga – An elderly woman met a roll-over car accident evening of Thursday, June 6, due to a high beam which blinded her.


The victim, identified as Rosalinda Callagan, was driving along the provincial road in Dagupan Centro, just in front of the St. Theresita’s School of Tabuk, when she came across another car with its light in high beam.


As narrated by her son, the elderly tried to slow down, but the other car’s light was too bright, and thus she didn’t notice that her car was heading to the center island. When she hit the center aisle, her car rolled over and landed on its side. Even though shocked by what happened, the elderly managed to crawl out to safety with no major injuries or fractures.


The prompt rescue was made by PNP Tabuk since their police car was only nearby when the accident transpired.


Her family ferried her to the hospital and her radiography diagnosis showed she was alright.


“We brought her to the hospital for an x-ray, and thankfully she didn't have any fractures,” her son wrote on social media.

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