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Lubuagan still fighting public hesitancy to get jabbed, bares new response strategy

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Lubuagan, Kalinga - The Local Government Unit of Lubuagan continues to look for strategies to convince the public to take the COVID-19 vaccine, as the local government recognized that wrong orientation and misguided information had been affecting the decision making of the public.

Dr. Caroline Agyao, Lubuagan’s Municipal Health Officer cited fake news on the COVID-19 vaccine and misinformation about its safety, fear of needles, religious beliefs, and the fear of dying as “some from Lubuagan tribe who were vaccinated but with co-morbidities died with Covid-19 virus,” as among the reasons why several people still refuse to be inoculated.

Dr. Agyao, however, related that the MHO is continuously exerting effort by baring new plans and strategies to dispel misinformation with hopes of encouraging hesitant iLubuagens to get immunized.

Plans and strategies set by the MHO

The MHO since has been visiting barangays to spread the message that the vaccines are safe, effective and everyone who's able should get inoculated. This time, Agyao related that they shall now be “giving modules to students in coordination with the Department of Education.”

“Bakunation at Night” is also considered as part of their aggressive vaccination in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA) and ELCAC barangays. With this strategy, she said they may be able to immunize farmers arriving from their field.

The MHO is also eyeing “Vaccination at the Checkpoints” once approved by the Municipal Inter-Agency Task Force.

Additionally, just recently, the Health Office has also conducted "Health Information on Wheels" to announce along the streets the importance of vaccine and to address confusion and misunderstandings about vaccines.

With these plans, the MHO advised and urged the barangay officials, municipal officers and employees, and the vaccinated Barangay Health Workers to encourage their unvaccinated family members to take the jab.

To attain their inoculation target, Agyao said that they shall also be coordinating with other offices like the Department of Agriculture (DA), Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD), and the Office of the Mayor to incorporate their vaccination activity with their ayuda programs.

“Our team is committed to reach the 70 percent target of the population to be vaccinated at the end of 2021. Another 20 percent at the end of the first quarter of 2022 to meet herd immunity as directed by the president. And hopefully, 100 percent before we enter the year 2023,” she said.

Furthermore, she reiterated the importance of getting immunized against coronavirus disease.

“Vaccination has a substantial impact on reducing the incidence of hospitalization and death due to mild symptoms, especially among the vulnerable. Getting vaccinated protects not only oneself but own family and the community and there will be fewer hassles when traveling local and international,” she reminded.

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