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Pudtol, Conner hailed champions during 2023 Say-am Festival' s triathlon, rescuelympics

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Luna, Apayao – A day before the culmination of this year's Say-am festival, one of the most anticipated events in this year's festivities, the Triathlon relay, was successfully conducted at the famed Bacut Lake in Santa Marcela.

In this game, participants from the province's seven municipalities showed off their skills in Kayaking, swimming, and Kadang-kadang, an indigenous Filipino outdoor game.

Alongside the triathlon event was the conduct of Rescuelympics, a newly added event during the festival.

For this competition, delegates, mostly trained rescuers and government personnel proved their capabilities in rescuing drowning victims, boat handling and operation, proper packing of victims using spine board and bandage, proper handling of an ambulance, including its preliminaries, and also, the bucket relay.

In the triathlon relay, Pudtol town emerged as the champion bringing home a total amount of P37,000 cash prize.

Calanasan ranked second, securing an amount of P27,000, while Luna which landed third place received P22,000.

Four other municipalities which include Santa Marcela, Kabugao, Connner and Flora were granted P17,000 each as consolation prize awardees.


Meantime, in the Rescuelympics, Conner was named the champion for having completed their tasks in a span of 10 minutes and 41 seconds. They were awarded a P27,000 cash prize, a rescue boat, and 7 sets of personal protective equipment composed of a life jacket and helmet.

Kabugao finished the challenge within 11 min. and 48 sec., making them the second placers and getting P22,000, a boat, and 5 sets of PPEs as a prize.

Flora, the champion for this year's float competition also did well in the game - 11 minutes and 56 seconds, stealing the third spot and bringing home P17,000 plus a boat and 3 sets of PPEs.

Consolation prize winners - Santa Marcela, Pudtol, Luna, and Calanasan took home P12,000 each, 8 spine boards, and 32 headlights.

Set cash prizes for this year's triathlon and Rescuelympics initially amounted to P170,000 overall but the province's solon, Leah Bulut-Begtang who graced the activity decided to add P100,000, making it P 270,000.

In her message, the solon committed her continued support to the development of the games' venue which she referred to as a 'miracle project'.

The event's venue - a man-made lake, was originally built to irrigate nearby fields in the Santa Marcela but has become a major tourist's attraction, offering various activities for tourists such as Kayaking, stargazing, meditation, swimming, and picnic, among others.


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