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Tinglayan farmers’ group in Kalinga to receive heirloom rice production facility

Tinglayan, Kalinga – A farmers’ association in Tinglayan, Kalinga is the beneficiary of a brown rice milling equipment by the Department of Science and Technology – Cordillera – a grant that is expected to aid heirloom farmers in their production of said much wanted rice.

The brown rice milling equipment is funded under the Local Grants-in-Aid of the Provincial Science and Technology Office (PSTO) of Kalinga and is hoped to be delivered to the farmers’ group in December this year.

According to PTSO, an intervention called “Enabling Rural Innovation through the Establishment of a Heirloom Rice Production Facility in Tulgao West, Tinglayan” is currently being implemented in Tulgao West, and the organization in said place was selected as the recipients of the aid.

Last Tuesday, November 28, the famer recipients of the Balay Association on Livelihood Alternative Improvement were trained by the agency on rice-based product processing in a bid to boost their production.

Through the intervention, an upgrade of the processing and production of heirloom rice, or ‘unoy’ rice in the area is anticipated.

The group, as relayed by the agency, was formed in 2017, and its members are ‘unoy’ rice growers who still practice the traditional method from pre-planting up to post-harvest production.

Since the heirloom rice growers are situated in the "GIDA, with approximately two hours of hiking from the barangay proper," they lack machinery and knowledge of contemporary agriculture procedures.” PTSO kalinga said these ineffective and old-fashioned approaches limit the production of the commodity, and BALAI itself can never produce sufficient supply for the consumption of other markets within and outside Tinglayan.

With the project, the area and the association shall have a chance to produce more quality products from their crops.



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