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Tragic accident in Mallig, Isabela: 2 young men dead; parts of head removed

Updated: Jun 13

Mallig, Isabela – A road accident killing two young men transpired evening of Sunday, June 9 along the national road in Barangay Victoria, Mallig, Isabela.


The tragic accident, according to police, happened around 6:50 p.m. on said day.


The two victims were described to be in awful state when the police proceeded to investigate the scene as one of them appeared to have died on the spot with some parts of his head removed.


Only one of them was ferried by a rescue vehicle to a medical facility. Sadly, he was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.

The two were identified as Arjay Pascual, 20, the driver, and Joshua Vercacio, 18, his back rider.


The Police, in an interview with local media, revealed they were initially informed that the two were hit by a vehicle. Upon notification that it was a pick-up vehicle, a flash alarm was sent to nearby towns of Mallig.


However, a witness disclosed on Monday, June 10, that what happened was a self-inflicted accident.


The witness narrated that he was 50 meters away when he saw a motorcycle speeding before it flipped over a number of times. He added there were no vehicles following or approaching the victims’ motorcycle when the accident happened.


The motorcycle was found about 15 meters away from the victims. There were no signs that it was hit by another vehicle and no blood stains were seen on it.


As to the victims, police said there were no signs that they were run over by another vehicle based on the blood found in the incident scene.


However, a thorough investigation is still being conducted to unravel more details regarding the accident.

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