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2 farmers killed by lightning strike in Ilagan, Isabela

Updated: Jun 13

Ilagan City, Isabela - Two farmers in Ilagan City, Isabela were on their farm on Monday, June 10, when they were struck by lightning, killing them instantly.


Police report narrated that the first victim, Edwin Madduma, went to his farm in Barangay Cabisera 14-16 with his fellow farmers that day to prepare for their plantation.


While they were on the farm, a thunderstorm hit the area. While his companions took shelter in a hut during the heavy rain and lightning, Madduma was said to have continued working.


When the thunderstorm ended, the victim's colleagues went back to work only to find Madduma lying in the rice field with some parts of his body burned by lightning.


They managed to rush him to a hospital nearby, but Madduma was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.


Meanwhile, the second victim, identified as Wilson Figarola, was found dead by his fellow farmers early morning the next day, June 11.


His body was also discovered on his farm in said barangay. Similar to Madduma, Figarolo was killed by lightning based on burned marks on his body.


Following this incident, authorities reminded farmers in town to do their work in the mornings and keep themselves safe in case of thunderstorms.

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