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‘Adda prinsipyok… Haan nak lang a taga-tung-ed nu mangabak nak’ – Atty. Comafay

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga — Attorney Errol Comafay Jr., known as a staunch critic of the current administration in Tabuk, promised that should he win, he is prepared to work guided by principles as a member of the City Council.

“Ammuk a nakasagana ak, ammuk a nakasagana ak ta adda iti prinsipyok. Kayak a tumakder, kayak nga ilaban iti pagrebbengan iti tunggal maysa. Haan nak a mabuteng. Haan nak a mabuteng a tumakder a mangsupyat iti sino man nga opisyal. Haan nak mabuteng a mangilawlawag kagiti anomalya a makitak. Haan nak a mabuteng nu adda man iti korapsyon a makitak,” he expressed.

During the last day of the Voter's Education and Media Forum of the Tabuk City Public Information Office on April 8, 2022, Comafay emphasized his knowledge and experiences as the main qualifications that befit him as the best choice for the city council.

“Haan nak mabain nga agpakaasi kada kayo ta ammuk met ket nakasagana ak. Kunak a nakasagana ak ta abogado nak met, iti sirib ko a naadal ko idiay eskwelaan, iti sirib ko a naitipon bayat iti pagka abogadok iti surok 12 years ket mausar ko diay nga agpanday iti ordinansa, mangisayangkat kadagiti programa a makatulong iti adu a kakailyan,” said Comafay.

Comafay further assured that he will go over and study every program and project of the local government and that if it is for the betterment of the people of Tabuk, he guaranteed that he is going to support it. However, if these programs and projects will only benefit a few and certain individuals, he will not keep mum.

He clarified that when he gives his criticisms, he is just standing up against anomalies and corruption. He added that he will not buy votes or hand out bills during the campaign period.

“Haan kayo agbabawi ta ammuk nga aramidek ti dapat a rumbeng nga aramidek. Haan nak lang a taga tung-ed nu mangabak nak. Adalek a nalaing iti programa ket nu pagsiyaatan iti umili suportarak. Nu panagkitak ket haan a pagsayaatan iti umili, ta pagsayaatan lang iti manmano a tattao, kontraek. Haan nak agkonkontra nga awan gapgapu na,” he noted.

Comafay is one of the new candidates whose name became more known after he openly called out corruption in the local government. He is one of the six individuals that Mayor Darwin Estranero of Tabuk City sued for cyber libel case.


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