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Baguio City Council pushes dart as local sports activity

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Baguio City, Philippines – An ordinance making dart as one of the local sport activities in this city, with benefits, incentives and other assistance from the government has been approved by the Baguio City Council on first reading.

Public City Information Office-City of Baguio reported on February 14, 2022 that the ordinance No. 15, series of 2020 authored by Sangguniang Kabataan Federation Baguio City President Levy Lloyd Orcales has been approved on February 7, 2022.

With the ordinance, dart clubs which shall be registered with the City Sports and Recreation Division shall be treated as a local sports association.

They shall be eligible for benefits, incentives, and other forms of assistance, which the local government unit may give to any other sports when they participate in national and international tournaments.

Dart as part of school curriculum

Orcales also proposed on the said ordinance, the inclusion of darts in the school curriculum particularly under the Physical Education program, saying that this will help enhance values formation of the students.

Also, this aims to change the negative perception of the public about darts being played with liquor and cigarettes will be eradicate.

Guidelines on establishment with dart hubs

As stated in the ordinance, darts is categorized both as sporting and recreational activity inside a business establishment.

In the operation of these business establishments with dart hubs, they have to secure business permits and licenses authorized by the local government.

Also, as proposed, dart hubs shall be opened from the opening hour until 11:59 in the evening. This is to provide time for recognized players to participate in official tournaments organized by the said establishment through the city sports and recreation division.

In addition, the darts tournaments in the city shall be called Palarong Pambarangay, Panagbenga Darts Tournament, Baguio Day Darts Tournament, and Baguio City Qualifying Darts Tournament.

Meantime, establishments owners shall be responsible for the implementation no smoking policy, dress code, no minors allowed, no serving of liquor to anticipated players and customers, and no sharing of dart.

Furthermore, violators of the Ordinance shall pay a penalty of P500 to P1,500 or they may face cancellation of business permit.



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