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Baguio extends Covid-19 inoculation to 5 neighboring towns

Baguio City, Philippines − The City of Baguio will be extending its vaccination roll-out to five neighboring towns, says Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

Through the Public Information Office – City of Baguio, Magalong said that residents of La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba, and Tublay who are working in Baguio City will be included in the ongoing Covid-19 immunization of the city.

Once the majority of these workers have received their Covid-19 jab, the vaccination services will then be extended to their family members.

Magalong said that the city has enough vaccine supply and facilities and that they could afford to provide for Baguio workers residing in neighboring towns since the city is on its way to immunizing its target eligible population.

The mayor further expressed that these workers are coming in and out of Baguio thus it is vital to extend their services to them.

"We belong to one community and these workers are coming in and out of Baguio, so we need to help each other. Otherwise, we won't be able to stop the virus transmission if we are vaccinated and our neighbors who mingle with us are not," the mayor said.

Mayors of the five municipalities have already been notified about the plan including the Department of Health Cordillera and the National Inter-agency Task Force who gave their support.

Meantime, Baguio City is set to open vaccination registration to individuals ages 12-14 on October 22. This age group is expected to receive their Covid-19 dose by November.

As of October 18, a total of 388,97 doses of vaccine have already been administered in the city and that 61.58% of the target population are already fully vaccinated.

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