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Baguio officials request cancellation of school tuition fee surcharges

Baguio City, Philippines - Baguio City officials are asking private schools and learning institutions to wave the imposed surcharges on the unsettled tuition and other fees of students who decided to transfer to public schools amid the pandemic crisis.

The council said many families have lost their sources of income during this pandemic, so some decided to transfer their children to public schools. However, it was found out that most of the students' enrollment was categorized as temporary due to unsettled outstanding balances from schools previously attended.

Under Resolution No. 570, series of 2021, local legislators recognized the concerns raised by many parents regarding the imposed surcharges. The resolution, therefore, is asking these concerned private schools to forgo said balances.

The city council noted that these students, despite a lack of transfer credentials, had been accepted by the public schools on the condition that they will soon submit their enrollment requirements to make their admission official.

"Education is a huge social investment which is essential in attaining functional literacy and possessing important life competencies, and it plays a vital role in shaping the minds, aptitude, and life skills of learners." the council noted.

The city is host to student-friendly schools, colleges, and universities that provide quality and affordable education; thus, it became known as the educational center of the north.

However, the council claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the sources of income of most families in the city 'affecting their capacity to meet the financial requirements for the continuous education of their children.'

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