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Baguio City to mark inaugural Cosplay Fest on October 29

Baguio City, Philippines - The Baguio City Council has officially approved the institutionalization of the Baguio Cosplay Festival, slated to debut on October 29, 2024.


Vice Mayor Faustino A. Olowan, the ordinance's proponent, clarified that the festival will be observed annually on October 31 or the nearest Sunday in October, aligning it with Halloween festivities. In cases of scheduling challenges, the City Administrator’s Office–Tourism and Special Events Division will be responsible for determining the celebration date, as reported by the City Public Information Office.

The newly established Baguio Cosplay Festival Executive Committee, led by the City Mayor and co-chaired by the City Administrator and a representative from the Baguio Cosplay community, will play a vital role in ensuring the success of the event. Committee members include key figures from the City Council, City Engineer, and City Tourism Officer.


To accommodate diverse activities, Session Road will temporarily close to vehicular traffic during the festival which will feature cultural performances, parades, food stalls, and family-oriented activities.


Olowan emphasized that institutionalizing the Baguio Cosplay Festival not only enhances the city’s identity within UNESCO’s Creative Cities network but also aligns with the Social Development Goals (SDGs), particularly focusing on empowering the youth.


Highlighting the inclusive nature of the Baguio Cosplay community, Olowan recognizes individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and interests, including cosplayers, artists, craftsmen, photographers, videographers, organizers, and enthusiasts. This community fosters collaboration and learning, providing a supportive environment for those facing social challenges or bullying due to their interests.


As the city gears for the inaugural Baguio Cosplay Festival, the focus remains on the celebration's role in fostering friendship, camaraderie, and a vibrant sense of community among its members.


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