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Bed Occupancy Rate in Kalinga now at high risk level

Tabuk City, Kalinga – In the last week, Kalinga’s bed occupancy rate (BOR) in relation to Covid-19 admissions has jumped from 43% to 70% reaching a high-risk level, according to the weekly trend data presented at the Regional Inter-Agency Taskforce meeting on August 23, 2021.

This means that many of those infected with Covid-19 are symptomatic, needing more medical attention at a medical health facility.

Kalinga has a total of 309 beds allotted for Covid-19 patients, cumulative count from 9 Temporary Treatment Monitoring Facilities, 5 Hospitals, and 9 Infirmaries. Of the 309 beds, 225 have already been occupied and 84 remain available.

The weekly occupancy rates are the data from every Sunday of every week for the last seven (7) weeks.

In the report shared by the Kalinga Provincial health Office during the RIATF meeting, the trend presented showed progressive weekly increases in the last two weeks. According to the report, “The 70% BOR indicates a High Risk (Danger Zone) of the health care facilities being overwhelmed.”

The progressive increase in the province reflects the rising number of new cases, and that according to the KPHO, this holds true not only for TTMFs but also for hospitals.

Similarly, the trend from August 17 to 23, 2021, showed a steady increase from moderate moving up to high-risk level.

KPHO, in their presentation, said “the progressively increasing Health Care Utilization Rate (HCUR) indicated by the BOR is a cause for alarm and the situation calls for immediate actions to reduce infection transmission rate and to take measures to activate/reactivate the barangay isolation units and TTMFs.”

PHO advised that the measure should be put in place to contain more cases becoming symptomatic and avoid hospitals and infirmaries getting overwhelmed.

PHO added that “there is a need to fast-track projects to increase the available TTMF and isolation unit beds and for health facilities to increase the number of beds that they will dedicate for COVID-19 patients,” and that number and designation of COVID-19 beds should be guided by DOH standards and guidelines.

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