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2 of the biggest trees in Cordillera found in Abra, Benguet

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Baguio City, Philippines – Department of Environment and Natural Resources- Cordillera announced the biggest trees in the region can be found in Abra and Benguet.

The discovery of said trees is a result of the recently launched ‘The Search for the Biggest Tree’ contest.

The result is based solely on submitted entries by participants who took part in said event.

There could be bigger trees yet to be discovered.

The measurement of said trees was based on diameter at breast height (DBH), the standard measuring method for getting the measurement of trees.

Biggest coniferous tree

As adjudged, the biggest coniferous tree is found in Sitio Cayapas, Baculongan Norte, Buguias, Benguet.

The pine tree has a circumference of 454 centimeters (cm) and a height of 30.8 meters.

The entry, the agency said, is from Jona Cabaling.

The second-largest tree can be found on Mt. Mapao, Agawa, Besao, Mt. Province with a circumference of 437 cm and a height of 15.24 m.

The third biggest coniferous tree was discovered in Baculongan Sur, Buguias, Benguet.

Biggest broadleaf tree

Meantime, for the broad-leaved species, the biggest one is found on Mt. Sedir in Nagaparan, Danglas, Abra.

It is a dao tree with a circumference of 2,000 cm and a height of 35 m.

Said tree was a group entry of Norriel Montejo, Dominique Acnam, Redentor Tauro, Danny Blanes, and Randy Bernal.

The second placer is also a dao tree with a circumference of 1,400 cm and a height of 30 m.

The third biggest, meantime, is a pasakla tree, having a circumference of 1,400 and a height of 27 m.

Cabaling and Montejo were given by the agency P25,000 each.

As recalled, the contest is part of the celebration of Philippine Environment Month last month.


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